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Dad Hilariously Recreates Daughter's Sexy Selfies

Some people are obsessed with snapping selfie after selfie day in and day out. One father got creative when dealing with his teenage daughter that loves to snap sexy selfies. Instead of telling her to stop he decided to mock her and share his "sexy" selfies on social media!

How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Barbecue

With summer in high gear, every weekend is a great weekend for grilling! How can you plan a barbecue without breaking the bank? Columnist Sabah Karimi has several ways to make yours budget friendly. Stock up on frozen foods in advance. Check your grocery store for the latest sales and specials. USA, New York City,…

11 things no man should wear to the office in the summer

Summer is a time for casual dress — but that doesn’t really apply to the office. Just because everyone is stripping down and heading to the beach on the weekends doesn’t mean you can clock out of your weekday warrior ensemble. It’s still important to remain professional even as the mercury rises.

5 Food Tips for Summer Travel with Kids

Long-anticipated summer travel is not without its nutritional challenges, and adding young children to the mix multiplies those challenges. There's more to consider than packing a few extra snacks and baby wipes. Follow these tips for a healthy, happy and nourishing summer vacation with kids.

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

This little 1 year old has more talent in his pinky finger than I could ever dream of having. Watch his percussion skills in action and think back with total regret on your sad school band attempts at first chair trombone....ok maybe that's just me

Morons: Animals Gone Wild!

Today on Morons in the news: Man gets revenge with a bucket of waste. Perv caught under woman's car. Gator catches driver by surprise. Bride gets sparkly! Cat hold family hostage.   Cops: Suspect Dumped Vile Slurry In Pool JUNE 27--Angered over his recent eviction from a mobile home park, a Florida man carrying a……

Eager Affectionate Al

Al is the "Wishbone" of the Carolinas.  An adorable 2 years young mix with pit, great on a leash & LOVES everyone. He may have once been hit by a car as he has a slight gimp in one hip.  Resilient, smart and eager for love -- Al was found wondering the streets of Lincolnton looking for his forever…