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Ryan Lochte Endorsing Crime Prevention Device?

Ryan Lochte learned a hard lesson that lying is never a good idea especially when it comes to a crime in a foreign country. The shamed swimmer ended up losing most of his big money endorsements like Speedo and Ralph Lauren. And while those companies don't want to do business with Lochte anymore, others are…

Did Tom Brady Get A Soccer Mom Haircut?

New England Patriot's star Quarterback Tom Brady spoke at a press conference. I couldn't tell you the first thing about what he had to say. And I don't think many other people retained it because we were all too busy looking at his haircut. 

Best News Bloopers Of August

In case you didn't know, I love news bloopers. I remember back when I was in college for radio and TV I always struggled with doing the news. I was terrible at reading the teleprompter and I always ended up pronouncing things way wrong. 

Do You Suck At Conversations? So Do We!

We get paid to talk for a living, but we kinda suck at having conversations. We also talk the most common dreams and more as WCCB's Ashley Anderson joins us again as a guest co-host!

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

Chewbacca Mom was a viral sensation that swept the nation but somehow I'm pretty sure this guy isn't  going to quite reach her level of viral video internet fame. He's not very funny and he doesn't have a contagious laugh. All he has is an old drawer at his mother's house that sounds like a Wookie.…

Who Will Be 'Dancing With The Stars' For Season 23?

Jeah! Ryan Lochte is confirmed to be Dancing with the Stars for season 23. It had been rumored last week that joining DWTS would be how the disgraced Olympian would get back into people's good graces. Apparently, he was in talks with producers before the Rio Robbery incident. Who else will be competing for the…

Clowns Luring Kids Into The Woods In SC?

Are you one of those people that find clowns extremely creepy? If not, this story may surely change your mind. I don't know if it was Stephen King's It that ruined clowns for me, but they just make me feel super uneasy. Well, there's a news story out of South Carolina that definitely going to make…