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Lamar reviews - Boo! A Madea Halloween

I am a Tyler Perry fan.  I have seen and loved every Madea movie.  That being said, if you have never seen a Tyler Perry movie with Madea in it, don’t make this your first one.  Start at the beginning and go from there. In this movie Brian, played by Tyler Perry is a single……

Deer Meat Coming To Arby's?

Some foods just don't belong at fast food restaurants. Things like crab, lobster, filet mignon, and deer meat all are on the list! But the fast-food chain, Arby's, has announced that they will be offering a Venison sandwich at some locations. 

The Creepiest Things Men Do

I am sure you've come across someone at some point that just comes off as a total creeper. They just give you this uneasy feeling and sometimes you can't accurately pinpoint what's so off about them. 

Morons: Cars vs Bears

Today on Morons in the news: Wedding crashers threatens the bride. Strip club attendant takes a fall from truck. Black bear takes car for joyride. See the rest at

Ramona And Wheezy Wear Matching Outfits?

A company wants to hire Ramona and her mom Wheezy to walk around wearing matching outfit…will they do it? We also talk about the things you use daily that are dirtier than a toilet seat.