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Cheesy Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

Making friends as an adult is hard, and Matt's list of how to make friends isn't going to make it any easier! We also talk about how Facebook is ruining your dating life and what to do with your hands during a job interview.

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

Bandy has a cat, and we know for a fact he takes it on long walks through the park. We won't put it past Bandy to create a video like this in the future...enjoy the smooth jams of the keyboard cat! Keyboard Cat - "The Soul of A Cat"   ...and if you're wondering…

An Ode To Fashion Roadkill

HBO’s iconic series Sex And The City popularized many terms, and among its most popular is the phrase “Fashion Roadkill,” which is the pseudo-affectionate way for referring to when a model falls while walking the catwalk.

Lamar reviews - War Dogs

Full disclaimer, I don’t love Jonah Hill.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his talent as an actor.  He was great in Superbad, he was fantastic in the Jump Street movies, excellent in The Wolf of Wall Street, and to be honest he’s good in War Dogs.  He is the go to actor when you……

To Sext Or Not To Sext?

Is sending a sexy photo or text message a good idea? We debate that, plus we also talk about ways to make friends and how to tell if you're in a toxic relationship.

You Can Now Remove All Politics From Facebook

This may be the best news EVER! As the 2016 Presidential Election gets closer, we will surely see more and more politics popping up on Facebook. I have unfriended people on multiple occasions for posting insane political crap. But now we can just choose not to see it.

The Cost Of Weddings Rise Again In 2016

Getting married isn't cheap. In fact, for 2016 the average cost of having a wedding has once again gone up. And this is why I am happy my husband and I eloped and just went to Vegas. It was much cheaper and a lot less stressful! So why are weddings getting more and more spendy?