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How To Be As Smart As Matt Harris

We talk about a list of surprising things that make you highly intelligent, and quite a few of them describe the Mattman! Also, would you fly on flight 666 to HELsinki on Friday the 13th?

Gyms Are The New Weekend Nightclubs

Nightclubs were never the best place to find a long-term relationship. New research is showing more singles are hanging out in the gym. Finding another like minded person in the gym seems like an easier task than trying to yell over loud music and drunken crowds in a night club. What do you think? Find…

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

I will spare you the "why did the kangaroo cross the road?" joke as this video will make you laugh all by itself. Watch this poor kangaroo attempt to hop over a fence and ends up face planting right in the middle of the road. I swear it's something straight out of Looney Tunes. Don't…

The Angel Shot Can Save Your Life

We live in a very different time now. We go on first dates with people we've only met online dating or on APPs like Tinder. And while some people have found success, others have had scary experiences. 

Lamar reviews - Live by night.

I had a choice of two movies this week.  Patriots Day with Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman.  It tells the story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.  Or Live by Night starring Ben Affleck, screenplay by Ben Affleck, directed by Ben Affleck, for Ben Affleck.  My choice, Mark Wahlberg, so of course Todd said Ben……

Morons: Getaway gone bad

Today on Morons in the news: The pink suitcase getaway. Stolen credit card for ED. Deer breaks into Lexus dealership. Man moves ambulance to park his car. See the rest at

Redneck Christmas Deadline

How long should you keep your tree up after Christmas? Ramona's one of those people who's waited weeks to take hers down! We also have tips on how not to sabotage your date and more!