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VIDEO: DeLorean Releases New Ad

The DeLorean Motor Company didn't realize how excited everyone would get about such a small news story, but overnight, everyone heard the Back To The Future car was going to be back in production. 

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

With the precision of a surgeon, watch this weirdo perform a peanut-butter-ectomy with a transplant of Reese's Cup peanut butter and Oreo Cream. This has serial killer written all over it!

Are You A Super Bowl Baby?

It’s finally time to answer the age old question: “Is my entire existence a result of happy parents after their team won the Super Bowl?”

"Panthers Ball" Big Game Anthem Is A Must Hear

We are loving all of these Carolina Panthers anthems that are coming out to support our team this season and in Sunday's BIG GAME. Matt & Ramona have created quite a few songs of their own and a bunch of Charlotte Mecklenburg Kids and staff made one too. Today I bring you the newest anthem…

Hail, Lamar's review!

A Coen Brothers film is not always easy to review, for a few reasons, especially this one. First off, there’s a good chance the movie is smarter than me, and this is not the first time that’s happened. Mr. Braswell, the manager at Regal Spartan 16 made a good point in saying a Coen Brothers……

Jim on the Pier!

Today on Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke: Former players are against Cam. The media craze at the Super Bowl. Panther's Roman Harper rents condo out for charity. See the rest at