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Boarded Up Windows Become Inspirational Art In Uptown Charlotte

It was just this time last week that we were assessing the damage done to our beautiful city of Charlotte when peaceful protests turned violent. Stores were looted. Buildings spray painted. Many windows were broken. But Charlotte is a vibrant city and the clean up immediately began. One hotel Uptown has decided to turn their boarded…

Can You Really Get Drunk Off Of Coffee?

Happy National Coffee Day!! I am celebrating by sipping on a nice dark roast with some pumpkin pie creamer this morning. I cannot function without coffee. If I don't drink at least one cup I have a huge headache by the afternoon. 

'Fifty Shades Darker' Lingerie Is Now A Thing

Did you know that the Fifty Shades Darker trailer broke all kinds of records on the interwebs?  The trailer beat the record that was previously held by The Force Awakens with 114 million views in the first twenty-four hours! The movie isn't out until Valentine's Day, but already there's a lot of hype.

Lies That Prevent Your Happiness

Your inner voice is ruining your life, and we tell you why! We also talk about stress at work, why now is best shape your body will ever be in and more.