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7 WTF Grammy Moments

There’s always at least one crazy moment from every Grammy ceremony, and if it’s a good year, there’s more. With the 58th Annual Grammys just days away, here's seven good, bad or awkward moments that made us say “WTF?!”


Hour 2 - The 5 Most Important Ways To Set The Mood For Valentine's Day

What Actually Happens On A First Date, Ramona Stills Says Croissant Weirdly/ 5 Most Important Ways To Set The Mood Charlotte Stands For Heroes - Ben And Samantha, Matt And The Kid's Valentine's Cards,Parents That Were Up Late Doing Valentine's For Their Kid's Class, Man Skipped Work For Six Years Unnoticed
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Hour 3 - What's The Worst Valentine's Gift You Ever Received?

What's The Worst Valentine's Day Gift You Ever Received? Cam's Thank You Letter To The Fans, 53% Of Women Would End The Relationship If They Received Nothing For Valentine's Day, Kanye Vs. Taylor Feud Part 2.,How To Rock Valentine's Day, The Latest Movies Coming Out And What The Critics Are Saying
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Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

To Celebrate Valentine's Day Here's A Romance, With A Tale As Old As Time, Lobster Boy Meets Bearded Lady And They Live Happily Ever After. There truly is someone for everyone. LONG LIVE ROMANCE!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

The Single's Survival Guide To Valentine's Day

While the whole world is getting ready to ring in the day of love this weekend, you look at them feeling blah! If you are someone who is not excited about Valentine’s Day and see it like any other day, trying to work things out in general, eating the same boring lunch and spending the…

Kanye for President 2020

After yesterday, it seems Kanye for president 2020 may have a shot at winning! Collectively Kanye West inspired more Tweets, #YeezySeason3 show than did our two Democrat Presidential “speaking of the issues” at #DemDebate. Whether you like Kanye’s music, fashion, family life or NOT –he is an undeniable master or promotion.   The Kanye hosted…

Valentine's Day By The Numbers: 10 Fun Facts

Love is in the air with Valentine's Day just two days away. In all honestly, love should be in the air year round. You shouldn't need a over commercialized fake holiday to express your feelings for your partner... But I suppose if you must partake here are some fun facts.