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Gift Ideas For The Crazy Cat Lady In Your Life

We all know at least one crazy cat lady. In honor of #Caturday and the upcoming Holidays here are some "purrfect" gift ideas for that cat lover in your life. 1. Purr-fect Destination Doormat   2. Cat Lover sweatshirt 3. Christmas Cat T-shirt 4. Kitty Cat Kitten Heels 5. Starbucks Kitten At Play Holiday Mug…

Ramona Pronounces "Croissant" Weird

It's bad enough that Ramona's dog's name is "Henri," does she have to be snooty with her pronunciation of French cuisine as well? Listen as Matt and Bandy make fun of the way Ramona pronounces the word "croissant."   Photo Credit: Nicolas Lannuzel via Compfight cc