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The Dark Side Of Tickling

Tickling might make people laugh, but there's a dark side to evil practice! We also make fun of the fact Matt and Bandy dressed alike today!  

Crash From An Action Movie

Motorcyclist crashes into car at high speed, ends up sitting on the trunk Jan. 19 (UPI) -- A motorcyclist who crashed into the back of a car on a Washington state highway had a lucky escape from injury when he ended up sitting on the car's trunk. Brian Becton posted a dashboard camera video to……

Lamar Review: Split

Split   If you are M. Night Shyamalan and you start off your movie career with The Sixth Sense, you set a bar that you will constantly be bumping your head on.  In fact the Sixth Sense is one of the few movies that everybody agrees on.  It was awesome and the twist was fantastic. ……

Morons: Python in My Pants

Today in Morons in the News... Toasting to the cop that pulled her over. Hundreds of Thousands of red skittles covered road. Putting a python down your pants? $12,000 worth of tolls. See the rest at

Gator On Board

On Facebook Live, people panic and fear over an alligator hopping onto their boat. Out of the terror of the situation, the alligator just wanted to get off. Check out what happened!   Alligator hops onto Missouri couple's boat in Florida swamp Jan. 19 (UPI) -- A Missouri couple captured live video of an encounter……

Everything You Need To Know About CLT's Women's March

There's a lot of people heading to Washington D.C. on Saturday for the Women's March on Washington. Many a-list celebrities are planning to go and march to protect the rights of women. If you want to get involved, but don't want to make the long drive North, you can be part of the one in…

Morons: At the car wash.

Today on Morons in the news: Just a bite at Fat Daddy's. Hunter was sitting in the slammer. Dallas Cowboy tat gets a change. Pot brownies lead to a 911 call. Car wash brawl. See the rest at

How To Be Friends With Your Spouse

Not only do we have tips on how to be friends with your lover, we also talk about the things you need to keep to yourself when it comes to your relationship.