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Don't Help Your Coworkers!

Matt gives us a list of reasons why helping out your coworkers is actually bad for you...we also find out someone on this show actually throws away money!

Social Laughter   Betcha you laugh really loud at your boss' jokes. It’s a sign of your social status.

Clowns   Why have towns like Belmont, NC banned clowns from their Halloween-themed festivals? It may not be just because of the recent creepy clown sightings. Clowns have been scaring people for many years

Bandy's Viral Video Of The Day

You know him as the legend that is Ken Bone, but his 15 minutes are far from up. After striking viral fame as the man in the red IZOD sweater asking questions at a presidential debate, he's now been featured in an official IZOD commercial. Ken Bone's Fifteenth Minute Ken Bone hopes people will share…

Ramona's Poop Horror Story

In one of the more embarrassing moments in her life, Ramona talks about the time she had to use the men's bathroom during an emergency.

Two New Prince Albums Coming

It still doesn't seem real that Prince passed away earlier this year. Even though we lost him back in April of this year, it looks like we will still get to hear some of his never before released music soon.

Lamar reviews - Ouija-origin of evil.

I was trying to decide between 2 other movies I wanted to review this week.  Todd helped me make that decision by sending me to one I had not considered.  His explanation was “hey dude, it’s less than 2 weeks until Halloween.”  I was really hoping he hadn’t noticed.  On top of that I reviewed……

Morons: McLovin Busted!

Today on Morons in the news: Friend's handcuffs lead moron to arrest. McLovin arrest. No more clowns in our town. Flaming pumpkin coming right for you. See the rest at

Parting ways with CB Josh Norman backfired on Panthers

By STEVE REED AP Sports Writer CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- The decision to pull the franchise tag offer on All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman appears to have backfired on general manager Dave Gettleman and the Carolina Panthers. The reigning NFC champions are the league's most disappointing team following a 1-5 start. The team that went 17-2…