FAME FILES: Hacker Stole Downton Abbey Series Finale Script

A hacker whose victims include former US presidents and A-list celebrities stole a script for Downton Abbey's series finale from the email account of Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, its creator.

The raid was part of a British hacking spree in which “Guccifer” also targeted the emails of other peers, the BBC's Jeremy Paxman, the actor Rupert Everett, and other high-profile figures.

The hacker is said to have obtained their email addresses by first hacking into the account of an assistant to Tina Brown, the British-born magazine editor, and downloading her 900-name address book.

Guccifer has previously published paintings by former president George W Bush that were stored in family email accounts, and doodles by Bill Clinton from the online files of his presidential library.

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