Theater: Musicals 'Brothers Of The Knight' Open Casting Call In Matthews

Production Description

Casting "Brothers of the Knight," an adaptation of the classic Brothers Grimm tale, "The Twelve Dancing Princesses."
"Brothers of the Knight" recounts the adventures of the youthful Knight brothers who, for reasons known only to themselves, leave torn-up shoes by their bed every morning. Forbidden to dance; the boys sneak out every night to dance the night away in the Big-Bad Ballroom until their housekeeper, Sunday, secretly follows them and solves the mystery of the torn up shoes. Producer states: "This showcase performance that is sure to draw the attention of reviewers as one of the top off-Broadway shows of the 2014 season. This modern, hip retold fable is filled with magic and mystery, energy and fun, love and valuable life lessons that you won’t want to miss."