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Expect More Romance, Less Hot Tubs From Bachelorette Andi

Will Andi find the "Juan?"

Actually, 27-year-old Andi Dorfman is hoping she'll find someone the exact opposite of Juan Pablo, as The Bachelorette kicks off its tenth season.  After making it to the final three on latest season of The Bachelor, Andi had an overnight date with Juan Pablo Galavis that she called a "nightmare," before confronting JP and leaving the show on her own.  

Now Andi's in the driver's seat as The Bachelorette, with 25 guys vying to win her heart.

"I'm not just the tough chick from Atlanta who's an attorney," Andi told  "I'm a girl who wants to be courted and have the love of her life."

If there's anything you can expect from Andi's season as The Bachelorette, it's that you won't see much of the hot tub or her constantly strutting around in a bikini.  "You will not see a lot of hot-tub scenes; it's not really my thing," she says.  "But I feel like you can be sexy by being romantic and it doesn't need to invovle bikinis and hot tubs."

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