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The Bachelorette Recap 6/1/14

Bachelor Nation Loves: This week's date ideas
Bachelor Nation Hates: JJ's pants

During last week's episode we saw the guys showing off their dancing skills.  This week? It's all about them showing off their (lack of) singing chops.

But first thing's first; Andi's two solo dates went off without a hitch.  Normally we expect to see extravagant dates that involve yachts, helicopters or scaling a building, but Andi settled for low key this week.  On her first date she and Nick rode bikes through Santa Barbara and went hiking.  Andi felt she and Nick connected on a philosophical level, so she gave him a rose.  She also gave a rose to JJ on her second solo date, as the two dressed up as an elderly couple and trolled strangers in a park.


Remember last season when then Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and her men performed a rap music video with Soulja Boy?  Well Chris Harrison and the crew thought they'd do another musical date, this time with Boyz II Men.

Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick and Marcus were broken up into groups that performed "I'll Make Love To You" in front of an audience of thousands.

Of course the guys were as terrible as listening to Matt Harris sing, but watching them publicly embarrass themselves was one of the most entertaining moments I've ever seen on The Bachelorette.  Despite Marcus pouting because Andi dared to spend time with other guys, she gave the group date rose to Josh.

There were a couple of serious moments during this episode.  Ron received a distressing phone call and decided to leave the show after hearing that a friend of his passed away.  Also, during Andi's date with JJ the show cut to a scene of Dylan telling Chris about his past; Dylan became emotional as he explained how both his brother and sister died from drugs.  He went on to say this was something he hoped to talk to Andi about on a one-on-one date someday.

The REAL drama began when it was revealed that Andrew had received a girl's number and bragged to the other guys about it one night when they all went out together.  JJ and Josh confronted him, but he walked off and hid in one of the bedrooms.  Eventually he came out and told his side of the story: Andrew admitted that a girl did give him her number, but he denied bragging about it.  After lots of eye rolling, none of the guys decided to out Andrew before the rose ceremony because Chris Harrison wants to milk one more night out of this drama.

WHO GOT ELIMINATED? Brett (I don't remember you) and Opera Guy, aka Bradley.

TOMORROW: This week, The Bachelorette is a two-night event, with part two airing on Monday night.  After tonight's rose ceremony Andi said, "I'm gonna go with my gut, and my gut looks like it was right right now."  That means crap is going to hit the fan in Monday night's episode when Andi finds out about what Andrew did.

BACHELOR NATION SPEAKS:  Watching fans tweet about The Bachelorette is more entertaining than the show itself.  It's like millions of Americans suddenly decided to get drunk, all at once, and collectively poke fun at a TV show.

After Nick said some fairly weird things on his solo date with Andi:


What did everyone think about the guys' singing?


One of the biggest questions of this season of The Bachelorette: what in the hell is a "Pantsapreneur?"  Bachelor Nation can't help but make fun of JJ's pants every chance they can get: