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The Bachelorette Recap 6/2/14


This episode of The Bachelorette took quite an interesting plot twist right before the rose ceremony, but first let's get into what went down beforehand.

Dylan snagged the first solo date of the episode, as he and Andi took a train ride and talked.  In Sunday night's episode he told the story about both of his siblings dying from drug addiction, but here he finds it difficult to open up to Andi.  Eventually, Andi prods him and he spills the beans.  Andi was brought to tears and told him she was impressed with how willing he was to share that part of his life with her.  She gave him a rose, but of course if you're a veteran Bachelorette viewer it totally comes off as a "pity rose."


The group date had the guys pitted against each other on the basketball court.  The guys first took on and got their butts kicked by a group of WNBA players, then split up into teams to face each other.  Team Rosebuds (Nick, Cody, Andrew, Eric, Marquel and Brian) beat team 5 of Hearts (JJ, Chris, Patrick, Tasos and Josh); their reward was to continue on the group date, while the losing team was sent back to their room.  Brian is a basketball coach, and with Andi so hot and bothered watching him dominate the court, there was never any doubt that he'd receive the group date rose.

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contains a "leap of faith" date where people must tackle their fear of heights.  Despite being terrified of heights, Andi planned a solo date with Marcus where they had to rappel down the side of a building.  Andi freaked out at first while Marcus tried to keep her calm by talking to her.  After successfully rappelling to the ground, the two hit a surprise concert where Marcus told Andi he's falling in love with her.

If Marcus isn't the frontrunner, then he's most certainly near the top.  Andi said he's the total package.  "I've yet to find a flaw with Marcus," she told the camera.

A surprise love letter from a secret admirer left Andi excited for the way things are shaping up with the guys.  However, things turned sour when Eric confronted Andi.  She's told him before that she feels like he hasn't opened up to her, but Eric told her that he feels SHE is not always being herself around him.

"I came on this [show] to meet a person, not a TV actress," he said.  Andi got upset and both realized that things weren't going to work out between them.

WHO GOT ELIMINATED? It's surprising to see that Eric left the show this way; after a great first date with Andi, there's no way anyone could've predicted things would end on such an upsetting note.  Tasos was also sent home, but Chris Harrison opted not to show footage of the rose ceremony.  Instead, he and Andi discussed their memories of Eric.  Andi admitted she and Eric weren't open with each other,  and regrets she'll never get to have one final "great conversation" with him.

BACHELOR NATION SPEAKS:  There was a lot of controversy surrounding Andi and Eric's final conversation.  There was also a lot of blame by fans, particularly pointed at Andi.  Do I think she overreacted? No. Eric saying he didn't feel like Andi opened up to him didn't piss her off, him implying that she's fake with his "TV actress" comment did. Wouldn't you be angry if someone told you they think you're a fake person?  But at the same time, Eric was not made out to be a "bad guy" by any means; he was simply being honest.  I get what he was trying to say, and I get why Andi was upset.  To me it's clear these two just weren't on the same page, and that's why their miscommunication ultimately turned into Eric being sent home.

On a much lighter note, a baffling part of many Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes are the one-on-one dinner dates.  There are many times where the couples sit there and talk, never once touching the meal sitting right in front of them.  In this episode, Dylan and Andi just got up and left. What the hell?