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Justin Bieber: Baptized In A Bathroom?

It looks like Justin Bieber has found Jesus!

Bieber reportedtly received a spiritual cleansing during a bathtub baptism at a Manhattan church last week, in the wake of two videos that showed him making racist jokes and using the N-word.

Pastor Carl Lentz told TMZ that Bieber rigorously studied Bible passages and attented services before the Biebs was baptized by one of his friends.  The baptism took place in a bathroom "to keep the whole thing private."

Is Bieber serious about turning his life around?  The New York Post's Page Six reported as early as February that Bieber had been scouting churches in NYC to perform a cleansing ritual.

In recent weeks multiple videos have been leaked, revealing Bieber making racist jokes.  Bieber was caught on camera singing a "One Less Lonely Girl" parody, "Only Less Lonely N-----" when he as 14.  Another video shows Bieber at age 15 telling a racist joke.

Multiple celebrities, including Bieber's mentor Usher, have come to the pop star's defense.