Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

You Can Buy Celebrity Souls On Etsy For $15

Photo via SoulsRUs

If you're over the fad of buying "Jesus toast", why not purchase the soul of an Oscar-winning actor?

A shop on Etsy called SoulsRUs is selling celebrity souls for $15 (also add $5 for shipping).

The store's owner, Molly Gates, is a self proclaimed soul reaper.  "My hobby is reaping souls, so I figured I might as well start selling them," Gates, also known as "The Happy Reaper" says on her website.  "I can reap most any soul you want, with no damage done (soul extraction is painless). I place each one in a mason jar and close it tight... No telling what it would do if it were to escape."

Right now you can purchase the soul of Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey as well as rapper Drake.  She's previously sold the souls of celebs Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber.  The Happy Reaper told Mashable that she sold Beiber's soul for half price because she wanted him out of her house.

Photo via SoulsRUs