Ramona's Airport Meltdown



It's been a rough two weeks for the Holloways.

Wheezy's lifelong friend, Doris Evonne Glover Wilson, passed away on June 3, 2014.  Not only was she Wheezy's best friend, she was Ramona's "other mother," an English teacher who taught Ramona how to write.

Ramona spent several days writing the obituary, which she planned to read at the home going service in New Jersey.  She and Wheezy planned to leave on Wednesday night; the service was scheduled for 10am on Thursday.

However, things started to go awry when their flight was canceled.



It was the last flight to their destination for the night.  The morning flights that would get them there were already full.  The ticket counters were jam packed with people from Ramona and Wheezy's flight trying to reschedule their flights.  "The look on her (Wheezy's) face was hearbreaking," Ramona said, "because at this point she believes she's not going to get a chance to say goodbye to her best friend of more than 50 years."

Missing the service was not an option.  Listen to the story below as Ramona tells you how she and Wheezy made it through an airport meltdown and successfully arrived in New Jersey, thanks to the help of several "airport angels."


Below is also a copy of the obituary that Ramona wrote: