Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Casey Kasem Dead At 82

Casey Kasem, a radio legend and iconic television voice, has died ABC News reports.  He was 82.

Kasem was best known as the original host of the "American Top 40" countdown show, as well as the voice of Shaggy on "Scooby Doo."

In 2013 it was announced Kasem suffered from Lewy Body Dementia; as he battled the aggressive form of dementia, his family battled each other for custody.  His three children have been in a bitter fight with their stepmother, Jean Kasem, after they claimed she refused to let them see their father.

The long-running feud took an even more bizarre turn earlier this month when daughter Kerri Kasem was granted permission by a judge to see Kasem, and take him to a hospital to be evaluated by a doctor.  During the ordeal, Jean protested by throwing raw hamburger meat at Kerri.

On Wednesday, a judge finally gave Kerri authority to withhold food, water and medicine from her father as his body began shutting down.  Kerri announced her father's passing early Sunday.