Volusia County Sheriff's Department

Police Find Marijuana Hidden Under 450-Pound Man's Stomach Fat

A 450-pound Florida man was busted for drug possession last week when police discovered he was hiding marijuana underneath his stomach fat.

It all started when Christopher Mitchell was riding in a vehicle driven by Keithian Roberts, The Smoking Gun reports.  The two were pulled over when a police officer noticed Mitchell wasn't wearing his seatbelt.  The 5'6" Mitchell said he was too large to wear the seatbelt, and during the traffic stop the officer noticed both Mitchell and Roberts "appeared nervous."

The officer summoned a drug-detection dog, and police found cocaine, a handgun and a tube sock with $7,000 in cash in the vehicle.  Police also searched the men and found 23 grams of marijuana hidden underneath Mitchell's stomach fat.  Both men were arrested.

This isn't Mitchell's first run-in with the law; a decade ago Mitchell was serving time for cocaine possession.  Back then he only weighed 265 pounds, and went by the ailiases "Biggie" and "Fat Boy."