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The Bachelorette Recap 6/16/14


This episode of The Bachelorette was chock FULL of juicy drama.  But in typical Bachelor fashion most of it was dramatic fluff, and meant little when it came down to the actual rose ceremony.

Andi and the guys traveled to Marseille, France to see if their connections would either continue to heat up or "Stop," as Andi likes to put it.  Josh landed the first solo date of the episode.  He and Andi took a boat ride, then the couple had a seaside picnic.  Did you know that Josh was a former pro athlete?   If you didn't, The Bachelorette made sure to remind you many times throughout their date. 


Andi kept saying that Josh is the type of guy she normally dates (aka an athlete), and she was worried he'd screw her over like the other athletes she's dated in the past have...Juan Pablo has ruined it for athletes everywhere!

Josh told Andi that he hates being judged for being an athlete.  He said he's not the type of athlete that cheats, because apparently everyone thinks that all athletes do is go around being athletic and cheating on their women.  Despite being an athlete, Josh pleaded his case to Andi and was able to score a rose (and if you took a drink every time one of these two said "athlete" during their date, my prayers are with you).

The group date involved Andrew, Chris, Cody, Dylan, JJ, Marcus, Marquel, Nick and Patrick dressing up as mimes and terrorizing the citizens of Marseille with their awkward performances.  The first bout of drama on the group date started when JJ told Marquel that Andrew referred to him as a "blackie" when Marquel received a rose on the first night.  Marquel calmly confronted Andrew, who vehemently denied making the comment as the rest of the guys watched.

Meanwhile, Nick pouted while the rest of the guys were miming in the streets.  He said being on group dates is "unnatural" and he's not going to pretend like he enjoys it.  Cody also confronted Nick because he felt Nick came off as arrogant, as if he believed he's the frontrunner of the group.  After seeing Nick's behavior on the group date and hearing Cody and Chris' thoughts on Nick's bad attitude, Andi started to have doubts about him.  However, all Nick had to do was read her a terrible poem that he wrote and kiss her, and she was putty in his hands.


The second solo date of the night went to Brian.  The two went on a movie date, aka viewers sat through several minutes of the show shamelessly plugging an upcoming movie called The Hundred-Foot Journey.  We basically learn the movie is about romance and cooking, which inspired Andi and Brian to have a cooking date afterward.

Andi expected her date to be as amazing as the movie, but she felt Brian was suddenly being standoffish toward her in the kitchen.  She felt their connection waning...could this be the first time a guy doesn't receive a rose on a solo date this season?


After making it seem like Brian was guaranteed to go home, of course he received a rose!  The two headed to a real restaurant after nearly burning down their kitchen trying to fry a batch of bland frog legs.  She told him she wanted to see more romance and initiative from him.  Not only did Brian kiss Andi at their table, he took her to the restaurant's kitchen for a makeout session.  The loudness of their kissing has to be some sort of health code violation on its own.

The night of the rose ceremony, Andi told Chris Harrison her mind was already made up and she intended to cut three guys.  Chris told the guys, who were nervous from the news and also disappointed that they couldn't get drunk, since that meant the cocktail party was canceled.

WHO GOT ELIMNATED? Patrick, Andrew and Marquel.  I don't remember Patrick, and with Andrew all the show ever did was try to create drama around him that never really went anywhere (i.e. the girl's phone number, and the comment he may or may not have made about Marquel...we'll never know).  From what we saw Marquel was a great guy and it's disappointing to see him go.  Fans have even been trying to get #MarquelForBachelor trending!

The Bachelorette Power Rankings

The show has finally whittled down the contestants to a number where I can actually remember them all by name!  Here's my current ranking of the 8 guys left:

1) Marcus: In my eyes, he's the frontrunner.  Andi's even said that he's "flawless" and the "total package."  Unless he has a major flaw that he's hiding, he'll remain on top until one of the other guys show they can dethrone him.

2) JJ: He's a "Pantsapreneur" for goodness sakes, so we know he's quirky and creative.  He also happens to be a good-looking guy who has solid chemistry with Andi.  At this point I'm convinced he and Marcus will be, at the very least, two of the guys that receive hometown dates down the stretch.

3) Josh: Despite being the "type" Andi always falls and has her heart broken by, the athlete did a great job of showing in this episode that he's not the type of guy she expected him to be.

4) Brian: The way The Bachelorette edited his solo date with Andi in this episode, it seemed like he was guaranteed to be sent packing.  Excluding the cooking date, Brian has taken solid advantage of all of his alone time with Andi, and it may pay off as the list of guys shrinks.

5) Chris: We haven't heard much from Chris since his solo date with Andi several episodes ago.  However, Andi mentioned what a nice guy he was in this episode, so I'd like to think he's somewhere in the middle of the pack.

6) Nick: I'm not a Nick fan because of his bad attitude toward the group dates. They're not ideal, but suck it up like the rest of the guys do, dude.  Andi might really like him, but he also seems to be rubbing some of the other guys the wrong way.  Even with all of that, I can't rank him lower than the two guys who I feel don't have a shot to even land in the top five.

7) Dylan: Even though Dylan has had a solo date with Andi, he's just one of the guys who's "there" right now filling space.  He doesn't receive much screen time, and with as many great guys as there are at the top there's no reason to believe Dylan has a shot in the long term.

8) Cody: Something has to be happening in the footage that we don't see in the final edit, because from a fan's perspective there's no way Cody should've stayed over Marquel.  At least with Marquel we've seen him and Andi interact somewhat.  With Cody? We have absolutely no clue where his relationship with Andi stands.  Cody is also the only contestant left who hasn't had a solo date with Andi.  There's always that contestant who lasts a long time without ever having a solo date, but they eventually reach their demise.