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Is The Slow-Selling On The Run Tour A Sign Of Accelerating Jay And Bey Fatigue?

After accidentally displaying fallibility with the whole Solange Elevator Met Ball Thing, Jay Z and Beyoncé were prepared to return to their rightful thrones as the king and queen of Billboard with their On the Run Tour, which they are co-headlining. Dealing with the Solange scandal actually just cemented that Jay and Bey are a political power couple. Their return to the spotlight a week later with a short film meant as a trailer for the tour was a display of continuing dominance, but it couldn’t help but feel a little ostentatious. Do secure couples really need to show off that much? The film felt excessive for other reasons, too, like its endless celebrity cameos. (We should never be reminded what Beyoncé sounds like acting, because it ruins the illusion that she would be great at anything.)


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