The Biggest Turn Offs In Romantic Phone Etiquette

Matt, probably sending some weird text to his wife Amy

Matt Harris absolutely hates using emoticons in text messages, so this info could land him in hot water with his wife Amy.  :-/

Using the wrong amount on kisses in a text message is considered the top turn off when it comes to relationship phone etiquette, according to a recent study.

TalkTalk Mobile surveyed 1,000 Britons and found that regardless of whether it's a new or long-term relationship, using fewer kissing in a text than your partner is considered rude.

Some other bad phone habits that people find turn offs include:

  • Answering the phone at dinner
  • Having your phone on at the movies
  • Texting after 11pm
  • Resending the same text if you haven't received a response for the first one
  • E-mailing pointless small talk

Matt also isn't a fan of using LOL, which is a good thing; the study also says the overuse of acronyms such as LOL are one of the most common reasons a partner may lose interest, because it makes the sender seem too needy.

When it comes to breaking up by phone, men and women think differently.  Over half of men say it's okay to end a relationship over text, while 62% of women say face-to-face is the only acceptable way to break up with someone.