Throwback Thursday: Doc's Prison Letter

Several years ago a fan of The Matt & Ramona Show sent Doc a letter...from prison.

There's some stuff in there we obviously can't repeat, but here are some snippets of the letter (spelling errors and all) that mention Matt & Ramona.



Was up Dock? Nothing that I can't handle this way.  I'm writen to ask if you don't mind helping me write and publish a book for kids.  I don't mind giving you half of everything I make.  If I had loyal friends and family I would have already gotten at least one publish.  I am not trying to use you I'm just trying to find a pard (means partner).  If you agree please write me back and try (as well) to find a book that teaches you how to rhyme.  They got books in here that teaches you how to write book I just need the rhyming arts.

And tell Matt & Ramona I love their show?

And tell Bandy I would love to get lost with him Disneyworld.

Prison Quiz for 107.9 The Link
*Amy "Poo" Cries = Any person that cries because they can't poo
*Phat as Ramona = Perfectly. Hot. And. Tasty.
*Ramona = Any women that feel like her when they take off their bra. Hey Boy!! HAHA
*Happy Me = Any men that feel like Matt Harris with a super small hoosie

Ang Good Luck with that HA! HA!