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Woman Berated By Neighbor For Making Too Much Noise While Watching The World Cup

World Cup fever Is Everywhere!  Even Ramona's family has gotten into the action:



But for one man, enough is enough.  A Massachusetts woman called police on Sunday after one of her neighbors allegedly scolded her for making too much noise while watching the World Cup.

UPI reports the woman, who is from South America, claimed the neighbor called her a bad name and criticized her for taking away jobs from Americans.  The irate man was upset because he said the woman's World Cup viewing interfered with his ability to watch NASCAR and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

According to the police report the man didn't make any direct threats, and the woman simply called police so the incident would be documented.

The Mattman hates soccer, but even he wouldn't be so mean as to yell at his neighbors for watching it!  But if you haven't been keeping up with biggest sporting event in the world, The Link has 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch The World Cup.