Photo via CBS 2 News/Video

Man Walks Into McDonalds With Knife In His Back

Unlike the story of the little girl at KFC, this restaurant tale is VERY real.


53-year-old Andrew Hardy calmly walked into a Jamaica Queens McDonalds on Tuesday.  The only problem was he had a knife stuck in his back.  Patrons in the restaurant were horrified as blood drenched the back of Hardy's shirt.

“He was on the phone, I’m pretty sure he was on the phone talking to somebody in his family or a loved one or something," witness Tromaine Yancey told CBS 2 News.  "He was talking to them and telling them it might be the last time he’s speaking to them.”

Customers put down their food to make sure Hardy didn't fall on his back.  He was rushed to the hospital and released the same day after being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The New York Post reports that Hardy was stabbed after trying to break up a fight between a group of men near the restaurant.

“It was just a fight and it escalated into something bigger," Hardy told the Post. "They hit me from behind, so I couldn’t see them — but I have an idea who it was."

There have been no arrests.

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