Beer Prices Around The World | Matt's Stats Corner

Matt loves beer.  How much beer does the Mattman spend on beer every year?

FinancesOnline did a little research on beer statistics across the world.  The average American spends $356.20 on beer every year, but Australians are #1; they spend $747.90 every year on beer.

USA might be in the top 10 when it comes to annual money spent on beer, but we only rank 14th when it comes to number of beers consumed per person (217).  People from the Czech Republic consume the most beer every year (419 bottles), followed by Australia (304) and Germany  (299).

Where in the world can you find the cheapest and most-expensive beers?  Let's start with the good news: the cheapest beers can be found in Ukraine and Vietnam for only 59 cents!  The most-expensive beer is in Iran, and it'll cost you 7.71.

For more beer stats, including the best-selling beer brands worldwide, check out FinancesOnline's infographic here.