Women Spend $170,000 On Makeup In Their Lifetime

Ramona experimenting with a new lipstick. "Makes my lips feel conspicuous," she said on Facebook.

Ramona is our resident fashion expert, and she loves makeup.  But would she choose makeup over a man?  Sorry fellas, but a new survey says YES!

FeelUnique.com put together a survey and found that 57% of women would rather breakup with their boyfriend than to give up makeup!

Here's some other makeup stats from the survey:

  • The average woman spends $170,000 on makeup in their lifetime…that's about $300 per month.
  • When it comes to finding the best beauty products out there, women purchase 2 to 3 times more makeup than they need or use.
  • How much makeup do you own? The average makeup collection contains 54 items.

Celebrities get paid a lot of money to endorse beauty products.  Kim Kardashian has reportedly been paid $250,000 just to tweet about a product to her nearly 22 million followers! But do celebrity endorsements influence your decision to purchase beauty products?


Only 5% of people buy makeup because of celebrity endorsements, while 44% of people say the opinion of friends, family or colleagues influence their decision on what beauty products to buy.

For more stats on makeup, you can check out the full infographic here.