Do People Judge Your Parenting Skills? | Matt's Stats Corner

Parenting can be a special and amazing experience, but one of the things that can make it frustrating is when you feel like your parenting skills are being scrutinized by others.

Have you felt like someone has judged your parenting?  If so, you're most definitely not alone.

68% of parents feel judged on the decisions they make for their kids.  Here are some more stats from a recent study, via The Daily Mail:

The areas parents feel they're most judged on...

  • Diet and nutrition (50%)
  • Parenting (43%)
  • Their child's behavior (33%)

90% think of themselves as confident parents, but 16% of fathers and 14% of mothers feel like they're being judged all of the time.

Who do mothers say is the person that's most likely to judge them?

  • Other parents (20%)
  • Their mother in-law (16%)
  • Their own mother (16%)

For fathers, they also say their mother in-law is the person to most likely judge them.

Who are parents most likely to go to for parenting advice?

  • Their mother (39%)
  • Their grandparents (34%)
  • Other parents (20%)
  • Friends (19%)
  • The internet (18%)

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