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3 Things You Should Never Pay For Again | Ramona's Money Saving Tips

Did you know you can get some common forms of entertainment for FREE through your local library? Here's 3 things you never pay for again:

1) Book downloads
Not only can you access free ebooks from the library, but if you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can access over 500,000 books for free:

2) Movie rentals
They might not be the hottest new titles, but your local library does offer a selection of free movies.  And if your branch doesn't have a movie you're looking for, you can request it from another branch.

Also, Redbox has a text club!  Text "SIGNUP" to 727272 to receive promotional offers, including a free movie rental every month:

3) Magazine Subscriptions
You can access select free magazine subscriptions from the websites ValueMags and Mercury Magazine.