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What Would You Do? | Bank Accidentally Deposits Thousands Into Your Account

Photo Credit: scazon via Compfight cc

Let's say you wake up one day to find that tens of thousands of extra dollars have been deposited into your bank account.  You know you didn't deposit it, so it had to be some sort of mistake.  Do you call the bank to report the odd deposit, or do you just spend the money and hope no one notices?

Before you answer, here are a couple of News Nuts stories that prove honesty is indeed the best policy.

"They're punishing me because of the way I Look"

A 23-year-old single mom in England is in trouble after $89,000 was accidentally deposited into her bank account.  Michaela Hutchings was taking out money for groceries when she noticed the massive amount of money that was suddenly in her account. Within 48 hours she'd spent $14,000 on designer clothes, shoes and a handbag.  She also payed off fines as well as gave her mother money, and placed the rest in savings.

The bank finally realized the error and a judge has demanded she pay back the money in order to avoid jail time.  Now Hutchings says she's being treated unfairly because she's ATTRACTIVE.

"If I wasn't much to look at and played the card of 'Oh, I only get this much a month, I was in a bit of a sticky situation' I reckon I'd have got a slap on the wrist and just paid back a fiver a week," Hutchings said in an interview.  "I pleaded guilty but the only person guilty is the person who put the money in my account. I don't think I should have been punished the way I was. It's just outrageous."


Roswell Man Receives $43,000 From Bank By Mistake

Maybe it an extra terrestrial lifeform playing jedi mind tricks?  A Roswell man deposited a check for $430 at an ATM, but the bank mistakenly deposited $43,000 into the man's account.

Instead of notifying the bank, the man kept quiet and spent all of the cash.  The bank says the man must now repay all of the money.  The incident happened last November; police say the bank has spoken to the man by phone, but he's yet to pay back the money.  The bank is now taking legal action, and the man could also receive criminal fraud charges.