Men Lose Their Sex Appeal At Age 39

Not every guy can be as sexy as the Mattman.  For  the rest of you guys over 40 you're basically screwed when it comes to women, according to a new study via The Daily Mail.

Research has found that men lose their sex appeal and become "invisible" to women at the age of 39.  The most notable sign that you've become "The Invisible Man" is women are no longer eyeing you up when you go out (54%).

37% say gray hair is another factor in loss of sex appeal.  Other signs that women think you're too old are thinning hair, a double chin and bad teeth.

It's not all about looks, however.  62% of women assume that most men in their late 30s are attached and aren't worth approaching.

There are exceptions to the study of course.  You've got celebrities like Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Leo DiCaprio…and Matt Harris.