Man Arrested For Karate Kicking A Police Horse

Apparently someone felt the need "to go see a man about a horse" and test his karate skills.

29-year-old Joseph Cruz was arrested after he kicked a police horse in the thigh on Monday.

Portland police say a Mounted Patrol Unit had stopped to talk to a group of people when Cruz ran up to the horse named Olin, let out a "karate-like battle cry" and delivered what police described as a "double jump kick" to Olin's thigh.

Thankfully, Olin was unfazed and unhurt by the incident.  Cruz also had an unrelated warrant out for his arrest.  He was chaged with interferring with a law enforcement animal.  Does anyone else kind of wished Olin would've kicked the guy back? Maybe it would've knocked a little sense into him!

FYI: If you're wondering what the kick might've looked like, here's an example below.