For Just $2,000 You Can Have Someone Potty Train Your Kid For You

Let's face it...potty training sucks.  But would it be worth it to pay someone a couple thousand bucks to do it for you?

There's a company called NYC Potty Training that offers to potty train your child in two days.  First you must pay a $200 consultation fee, in which they will "advise you on readiness, methods, and techniques that may work best for your child."  Then you pay up to $1,750 for them to potty train your kid over the course of either one or two days. 

There's also this disclaimer:

NYC Potty Training, Inc offers no verbal or written promise, covenant, guaranty, warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the success of any services rendered.

No guarantee?!?!? Matt's gone through potty training twice with his two daughters.  He and his wife Amy did the two-day potty training thing on their own.  It was brutal, but Matt would rather do it himself than to pay someone $2,000 with no guarantees.  The question is, would you?


(H/T Mommyish)