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Using A Second Screen While Watching TV Is Now The Norm

Photo Credit: poptech via Compfight cc

Do you remember the days when you sat down and watched a TV show fully engaged, without distractions from things like cell phones and computers?  Well those days are over for most people.

Thanks to the rise of mobile devices and social media, most people engage in what's called "screen stacking," or watching television while simultaneously using a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

According to a recent survey, 56% of Americans multitask using a digital device while watching TV.  Ramona, Bandy and Doc admit that they frequently use social media while watching TV.  Meanwhile, Matt does not because he says he becomes too focused on the show to pay attention to anything else.

The global average of people who "screen stack" is 48%, and it's even more common in Asia than here in the U.S.  79% of people in Japan use digital devices while watching TV, followed by Hong Kong (72%) and Singapore (66%).