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Ways You Make Dating Tougher Than It Needs To Be

Photo Credit: LyndaSanchez via Compfight cc

Is your dating life not working out the way you want it to?  Sometimes we unknowingly sabotage ourselves.  Matt & Ramona discussed #8 on this list of 10 ways you're making dating tougher than it needs to be.  It says:

"Waiting for contact instead of initiating it whenever you want.

When it comes to women initiating romance, Ramona pointed out that women's magazines always say that men want to be the ones who pursue women, and that if women are the "hunters" they come off as desperate.  We then learned that both Matt's wife Amy and Bandy's fiancée Mary were the ones who initiated their relationships.  Listen to the audio below.


Here's the full list of ways you're making your dating life tougher, via Thought Catalog:

1. Keeping multiple romantic interests or people you have some kind of history with on the side out of fear that it won’t work with the main person you actually want to be with.

2. Researching the person you’re interested in on social media too much.

3. Trying to repair something that is obviously, blatantly, clearly broken.

4. Handling everything passive aggressively.

5. Remaining in vague romantic situationships that you’d prefer to have identified.

6. Assuming you won’t be liked/loved for your ways and keeping interested individuals at a distance.

7. Seeking revenge when someone you’re dating does you wrong.

8. Waiting for contact instead of initiating it whenever you want.

9. Acting indifferent towards whomever you’re interested in.

10. Straight up fighting romance off.