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Biggest Hollywood Paydays Of All Time

It takes more than just a hefty salary to become one of Hollywood's richest actors.  The real money comes in when actors take a percentage of a movie's gross revenue.  And if the movie winds up being a hit, the millions keep pouring in.  Here's a list of the biggest Hollywood paydays, via Celebrity Net Worth:

1) Tom Cruise - $290 million for Mission: Impossible I, II, III and IV
Mr. Cruise manages to be #1 (despite not having a massive box office it in several years) because he negotiated taking a percentage of the Mission: Impossible franchise's movie gross profits.  This allowed him to earn at least $70 for each of the four Mission: Impossible movies.

2)  Keanu Reeves - $262 million for The Matrix I, II and III
He's done nothing major since The Matrix movies, and he doesn't need to; the Matrix franchise has made over $1.6 billion worldwide.  Keanu received $10 million for the first Matrix movie plus 10% of the gross profit ($56 million), then $15 million and 15% for the second ($126 million).  He also earned a total of $80 million for the third movie.  The $126 million he earned for the second movie is the largest paycheck ever received for a single movie.

3) Johnny Depp - $185 million for Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III and IV
Depp received $20 million, $60 million, $50 million and $55 million respectively for the four "Pirates" movies.  And if there's a fifth film, it's reported that he would receive $95 million for it, which includes a cut of the box office receipts and merchandise sales.

4) Bruce Willis - $120 million for The Sixth Sense
He had a salary of $14 million, but made $106 million by taking %17 percent of the movie's revenue.  The Sixth Sense went on to make over $670 million worldwide.

5) Tom Cruise - $100 million for War of the Worlds
The money just keeps piling up for Mr. Cruise, taking 2 of the 5 biggest paydays of all time.

6) Will Smith - $100 million for Men In Black 3
Back in the day Will Smith was known as "box office gold."  At one point he'd starred in 8 consecutive movies that made over $100 million at the box office.  The most recent one was this flick, 2012's MIB 3.

7) Sandra Bullock - $77 million for Gravity
Sandra received $20 million up front, 15% of the movie's gross plus a percentage of DVD and TV sales.  Not only has Gravity earned more than $700, it also earned Sandra an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

8) Tom Hanks - $70 million for Forrest Gump
Not only did he win an Oscar for Best Actor, but Tom also took home $70 million after giving back half of his $10 million salary in exchange for 10% of the movie's gross revenue.

9) Harrison Ford - $65 million for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
After hollywood rebooted the Indiana Jones franchise nearly 20 years later, this installment earned $786 million worldwide.

10) Jack Nicholson - $60 million for Batman
Back then, Nicholson's standard movie salary was $10 million.  With Batman, he agreed to accept only $6 million in exchange for a big cut of the movie's revenue.  The film made $411 and Nicholson earned a record $60 million at the time.


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