Rookie Mistakes Parents Make | BuzzFeed

If you have a kid, you're guaranteed at some point to screw up doing the parenting thing.  BuzzFeed put together a list of the rookie mistakes parents make…here's just a few of them:

  • Buying too many newborn diapers
  • Using those diapers that are too small on your baby anyway
  • Clipping the tip of your baby's finger when trying to cut their nails
  • Letting your baby play with your phone without locking it
  • Laying your baby down on the bed for just a moment.
  • Letting your toddler push the shopping cart
  • Buying a designer diaper bag
  • Poking your sleeping baby to make sure they're still breathing
  • Forgetting to pack a change of baby clothes
  • Holding your baby in the air over your head after a feeding
  • Staying up late for no good reason after you've put your baby down for the night


For BuzzFeed's full list and commentary, click here.