Photo via WKYT Video

Inmate Pulls Pizza Prank On Police From Jail Cell

Dude, it's bad enough that you got yourself arrested, did you really need to make things worse?

29-year-old Michael Harp was arrested on Tuesday for shoplifting and public intoxication.  While being booked at the police station, Harp asked to make a phone call from his cell phone.

Later, police say five pizzas from Domino's were delivered to the station under the name of Officer Wilson, the same officer who'd arrested Harp earlier.

GOTCHA!! Only the police aren't laughing.  They were easily able to track the call to Harp's phone, but he says it's all a big misunderstanding.  "There was about 10 people who probably used the phone, so it's hard to say," Harp told WKYT. "Like I said, I never heard anyone say a word about Domino's pizzas.  Any of it."

Harp is now facing additional felony charges including theft of identity, theft by deception and impersonating a police officer.  No word on what happened to the pizzas.