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Things Guys Think You Lie About On Your Dating Profile

Photo Credit: bigbirdz via Compfight cc

Let's face it, it's not surprising that people stretch the truth a bit when it comes to their dating profile.  Lodro Rinzler from Marie Claire went on a mission to find out the things men think women lie about on their dating profiles.

*Your Looks
It can be anything from your height, weight or the photos you take (that pic that's several years old or was taken from a downward angle).  And a photo of just your face makes guys assume you don't have a nice body, or aren't confident enough to show it off.

* Your Age
Some of us here at the Matt & Ramona show don't even know Ramona's real age…just sayin'!

*Your Interest In Sports
A guy will roll his eyes at the girl who generically says she likes sports.  He's less likely to be suspicious if she says she's a fan of a specific team or player (i.e. Ramona's love of the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton).

*Your Level of Independence
There are guys who love an independent woman.  But red flags go up if she goes so far out of her way to constantly point out how independent she is.

*What You're Looking For Romantically
Saying you're looking for something long term is one thing.  However, a guy might not believe the woman who says she's just looking for something casual.  You want something casual at first, but wind up wanting something more.  It happens and it's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you're trying to trick someone into a relationship.

Some more things guys think you lie about on your dating profile:
*That You LOVE To Travel
*The Amount of Time You Spend at the Gym
*That Impressive Book/TV Show/Movie You Mentioned
*How Easy Going You Are
*How Successful You Are


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