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Would You Quit Your Job If You Won The Lottery?

Photo Credit: Montage Communications via Compfight cc

Would you keep working if you won the lottery, or would you peace out and retire to a life of luxury?

CareerBuilder did a study and found that 51% of people would continue working after winning the lottery.  Also, 30% of workers say they'd stay at their current job.

Why would you keep working? The most common answers are:

  • 77% would be bored if they didn't work
  • 76% say work gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment
  • 42% want financial security on top of their lottery winnings
  • 23% say they would miss their coworkers

If you're in the 49% of people who would quit their job after winning the lottery, how would you break the news?

  • 48% would give a two weeks' notice or give their employer whatever time's needed to find a replacement
  • 31% would give their two weeks' notice and leave after two weeks
  • 13% would quit without notice
  • 3% would tell off their boss on the way out
  • 2% would quit their job by not bothering to show up for work the next day


(H/T CareerBuilder)