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33% Of Americans Are Obsessed With Cleaning

Photo Credit: garybembridge via Compfight cc

If you've listened to our show before, you'll know that producer Bandy is a cleaning FANATIC.  How do your cleaning habits stack up to the rest of America?  The company that creates CLR cleaning products did a survey and discovered these facts:

*The average American spends almost 5 hours a week cleaning; for mothers with kids under 8, it's 9 hours.

*52% of people consider cleaning to be therapeutic.

*63% of people clean their homes when expecting company; 29% avoid having people over because their house is too dirty.  33% have avoided visiting a friend or family member's home because it's too dirty.

Of course the bathroom is considered the dirtiest room in the house, but it isn't cleaned as frequently as other rooms.  19% of people say they only clean their bathroom once a month.  Meanwhile, 55% say a dirty bathroom is their biggest pet peeve when visiting someone else's home.

What motivates you to clean?

  • 64% - stick or dirty surfaces
  • 62% - seeing stains on surfaces
  • 52% - unpleasant odors
  • 39% - seeing mold or mildew

Are you freaked out by the thought of dirtiness in public places?  The most notorious place is the dreaded public restroom.  It doesn't matter how clean it looks, you'll never convince most people that they aren't disgusting.  Over 50% of people admit to flushing a public toilet with their feet.

Americans are also skeptical of doors…42% use a paper towel to open public doors.


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