Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

Philip Seymour Hoffman Won't Leave Inheritance To Children, Didn't Want 'Trust Fund' Kids

Remember when Sting said that he won't leave a penny of his $300 million fortune to his children when he dies?  He's not the only celebrity afraid that their millions will transform their children into spoiled brats.

The New York Post reports that court documents filed on July 18 show Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died from a drug overdose in February, rejected his accountant's suggestions to set aside money for his three children.

The children's court-appointed lawyer recently interviewed Hoffman's accountant, David Friedman.  In the interview Friedman said the 46-year-old Oscar winner didn't want his children to become "trust fund" kids.

Instead, he left his estimated $35 million foturne to the kids' mother and his longtime girlfriend, Mimi O'donnell, saying he believed she would take care of them.

The court-appointed attorney said there's nothing suspicious about Hoffman's will, so the court should approve it without issue.