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We Add People We Don't Like On Facebook Just To Snoop On Their Lives

Facebook frenemies?  The awesome thing about Facebook is that you decide who sees your profile and whose status updates you can see.  And while you're bound to complain about those annoying "friends" on your Facebook news feed, a new poll says we're just too dang nosy to unfriend them.

CouponCodesPro surveyed 2,570 American adults and found that 68% have Facebook friends they don't like, and almost half of them wouldn't hang out with them in real life.

What are the top reasons people don't unfriend people on Facebook?

  • 69% - They want to snoop on them and see what they're doing
  • 57% - They're family or a loved one's family member
  • 54% - They're a current or former colleague they need to stay in contact with
  • 50% - The person they unfriended would cause a scene
  • 31% - It allows them to see what others are doing (ex: children)

Some other facts from the survey:

*The average person has 671 Facebook friends

*We consider only about 18 (< 3%) of our Facebook friends to be true friends

*20% of Facebook users have gotten in an argument online.  Half say it was because of a vague status they believed was about them


(H/T: The Daily Mail)