How Often Do You Photograph Your Baby?

Matt, Amy and their daughter Avery after she came home for the first time.

Prince George has turned one, but since he's of royal blood it's expected that he'd be photographed every day.  But for the babies living a life away from the spotlight, how often do their parents photograph them in order to capture every moment of their first year?

A new survey has found that the average baby is photographed 780 times before their first birthday; that comes to a little more than two photos per day.

What are the top 5 photographed moments of a baby's first year?
1) Straight after they're born (56%)
2) The first cuddle with their parents (44%)
3) Their first smile (33%)
4) Their first bath (33%)
5) Meeting the grandparents for the first time (31%)


(H/T: Female First)