Photo: Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers

Naked 'Beef Bandits' On The Loose In Florida!

The struggle to not make naked "beef" puns is real after a couple of ding dongs broke into a restaurant overnight to steal burgers.

Surveillance video caught two naked men and a third man in just his underwear lurking around the kitchen area of Doc's Beach House in Bonita Springs, Florida.  According to the Fort-Meyers News Press, the men stole 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon, three red peppers and a paddleboard.  The men apparently noticed there were security cameras and the two naked ones tried to cover up their face and man parts.

The naked thieves never tried to steal money from the cash register; they just grabbed the food and left, leaving a trail of red peppers as they dashed down the beach. The general manager of Doc's Beach House jokingly said two of his female waitresses want the naked bandits to return.

"These two want to meet the bandits," he said.  "Everybody wants to work the night shift now."

Police have yet to catch the naked beef bandits, and have released images from the security footage in hopes that someone will recognize them.