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The Top Reasons You Won't Get A Second Date

Photo Credit: marinakvillatoro via Compfight cc

Let's say you've met someone that you're interested in, and it's time to meet up for your first date.  There's one thing you can do to virtually guarantee you WON'T get a second date:  have bad table manners.

A new survey finds that 86% of women and 74% of men say they would turn down a second date if the other person had bad table manners. 

That leads us to some stats on the annoying date habits that make someone lose interest:

  • Noisy eating (56%)
  • Posting on social media (45%)
  • Texting (35%)
  • Taking photos of your food (33%)
  • Making or answering phone calls (33%)

Ladies love a man who takes initiative, but fellas do not order her meal for her!  61% of women say having their food ordered for them is the biggest date turnoff.

For more date stats, including the best food for a first date, check out The Daily Mail's full article.