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What Not To Buy At Warehouse Clubs | Ramona's Money Saving Tips

Photo Credit: Caden Crawford via Compfight cc

My fellow bargain hunters, not everything is better in bulk.  Do not buy sunscreen or skin lotions at the warehouse club.  You don't end up saving because skin creams go bad after a few months, long before you go through those Costco or Sam's Club-sized bottles.

Here are some other products you shouldn't buy at the warehouse clubs

Paper products
Bath tissue and paper towels are cheaper at the grocery store when they go on sale.  Also, at the grocery store you can use coupons to save even more money.

When you buy generic diapers at a warehouse club, they're about four cents more per diaper than the generic brands at Target and Walmart, according to research analyst Lauren Ward.

Milk & Soda
It's cheaper to buy both milk and soda at the grocery store.  You can always find soda on sale a grocery stores, and with milk you can make sure you don't buy more than you can drink before it goes bad.

What about other things, such as electronics and produce?  Cameron Huddleston put together a list of the 14 things you should avoid buying at warehouse clubs, check out the full list here.