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Women Buy 17 Pairs Of Shoes Every Year

In the picture above, Ramona captioned it on Instagram by saying, "My feet are about 20 minutes away from getting very angry."

To say Ramona loves shoes is an understatement…even the ones that kill her feet.  But that's not going to stop her and other women from buying them! New research finds that the average woman buys 17 pairs of shoes every year.  That adds up to about $1,033 a year spent just on shoes.

The study also found that despite keeping their closets stocked with new shoes, One out of every four pairs go unworn because they're too uncomfortable.  Also, 93% of women confess that wearing high heels is painful.

However, women say the reason they're willing to invest in shoes that are too uncomfortable to wear is because heels make them feel confident and sexy.

By the way, Ramona's bringing the average up on her's a look at her shoe closet:




(H/T: Daily Mail)