Photo via WKMG Video/DeLand Police

Mom Shoplifts At Walmart, Leaves Kids Behind

A Florida woman is facing shoplifting and child abuse charges for leaving her kids behind after a botched shoplifting attempt, WKMG reports.

DeLand city police say 26-year-old Rebecca Stoltz went shopping with her 6-year-old daughter and 9-year-old stepdaughter at a local Walmart.  Stoltz allegedly tried to steal $44 worth of clothes, but was caught by security.  Police say Stoltz was so panicked that she ran from the store and drove off, leaving the two kids behind in the store.

The children were quote, "clearly distressed and very emotional and both were crying."  Police were convinced the shoplifiting mom knew what she was doing when she told a friend to go pick her kids.  The friend arrived at the store, gave police Stoltz number and she was arrested.

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