Getting A Divorce? There's An App For That

No Wedding by Tangopaso / CC BY-SA 3.0

Divorces can be messy, which is why a company called Wevorce is offering a service that can save you time and money.

Wevorce is a startup that's raised more than half of its $3 million fundraising goal toward providing a more cost-efficient way to get a divorce.  The company says it replaces the need for exhausting and expensive court battles by offering a flat fee upfront.  A team of mediators walk you through the legal process of divorce without the drama…at least that's the plan.

The paperwork is done online through a web-based app.  Wevorce says "Our simple-to-use software guides our entire process, removing much of the inefficiency (and expense) of traditional divorce.  More importantly, our technology frees our team to focus on you instead of paperwork."


(H/T: VentureBeat)