What Relationship Advice Would You Give? | Intimate Issues

If there's one piece of dating advice you could give to everyone else, what would it be?  That's what we talked about during the latest edition of "Intimate Issues."  Read the Matt & Ramona gang's advice below.

"Sometimes you're better off alone.  If all you think you can get is that guy who isn't doing much for himself and not doing much for you, you are better off alone.  Single can be awesome, definitely more awesome than being in a bad relationship."

"At the first sign of crazy (a big kind of crazy), cut bait and run.  No second chance, no sob story, you cut bait and run.  You deserve better...leave the country if you have to."

"Don't date them or continue the relationship just because they're doing somebody else." (Note: yes that's what Matt said, but what he really meant in his own Mattman way is don't pursue someone if they're interested in someone, and don't try to marry someone thinking it'll save your relationship.)

Here's some dating advice some of our listeners gave:

"Take a strong look at the parents, knowing you'll be looking at that person next to you in the morning 20 or 30 years down the line.  They'll be like their mom or dad."  - Anna

"Marriage is like a great big ole' magnifying glass.  It doesn't change anything, so if you're hoping it's going to settle him down or keep her from hanging out too much with her mom or depending too much on her parents, it's not going to change anything."  - Heather

"Women need to calm down.  They're too much on marriage, they're too much on babies.  They go into the relationship looking for that.  Just sit back, relax, actually get to know each other, have fun with each other.  Cause once you start spittin' out those babies you're not going to have any time to yourself." - Christie

"Do not play games.  Say what you mean, mean what you say.  People are not mind readers.  If you want something to happen, make it happen.  And don't get upset if people don't pick up on the hint or clue...especially with men.  They're black and white...you have to spell it out for them." - Belinda

"Watch how he treats his mother and other females in his family.  Guys that do not treat their mother, sisters or aunts with respect do not treat any woman with respect." - Leigh Ann