Photo via KCTV Video

Rejected Dog Who Walked 30 Miles Finally Has A New Home

A black lab named Lady has had a tough time finding a home, but her troubles are finally over thanks to a Florida heiress.

According to KCTV, Lady's story began in 2012 when her original owner died.  No one wanted Lady, so she wound up at an animal shelter in Sedan, Kansas.  A family eventually adopted her, but they returned her to the shelter because they said Lady was too rough with their other puppy.

Lady was adopted a second time, this time by someone in Independence, Kansas.  However, Lady escaped and walked 30 miles back to Sedan and the family who'd first rejected her.  Neither family in Sedan or Independence wanted to keep Lady, so she wound up at the animal shelter for a third time.

When Lady's story made headlines, Helen Rich Rosburg didn't hesitate to adopt her.  Rosburg, heiress to the Wrigley Gum company, had Lady picked up on a private jet and flown to her 120-acre farm in Odessa, Florida. 

Rosburg is an avid animal lover, and owns over 300 of them including rabbits and pigs.