Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

People Called 911 During Facebook Outage

If you were one of the people who called 911 during the Facebook outage, shame on you.

On Friday, Facebook briefly went down for some users worldwide.  While some took to other social media sites to freak out and post #facebookdown memes, others thought they could receive help by calling 911.

Sgt. Burton Brink from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department wasn't amused, and voiced his displeasure on twitter:

The fact that he had to even say that is sad, but he told Fortune that Facebook isn't the only ridiculous thing people call 911 about.

“We get phone calls all the time, whether it be Facebook going down, people getting wrong orders at fast food restaurants, or their cable TV went out,” he said.But with Facebook in particular, we get calls probably because it’s such a widely-used thing.”