Things Guys Do That Make No Sense

Matt and Ramona discussed the BuzzFeed article, "23 Times Guys Make Absolutely No Sense."  They were only able to get through a couple of things on the list because the guys on this show are the epitome of doing weird things!

#9: Guys thinking it's totally appropriate to announce one's impending bowel movement.
Matt Harris does this every day.  If he's gotta go during the show, he's guaranteed to let everyone else in the room know before running out.

#14: When guys talk about their imaginary football leagues.
Matt, Bandy and Doc are all in the station's fantasy football league.  Any time they start talking about it, it drives Ramona up a wall.  The only way she'd ever be interested is if it were a fantasy shopping league.  Listen below as Ramona makes fun of the guys and their love of fantasy football!