Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Ramona Reacts To The Dolly Parton Biopic

Ramona's one of the biggest Dolly Parton fans alive, so you know she's going to clear her schedule to watch the Dolly Parton biopic that's being written by Parton herself!

The only thing that could ruin this movie for Ramona is the casting, and she's not pleased with some of the actresses rumored to be battling it out to play the role of Dolly:

1) Scarlett Johansson: Ramona doesn't like this choice, even though Dolly says Johansson is one of her top choices.  "I think they would have to have the right personality. I think they would have to have some big boobs," Parton told The Guardian.  "I think somebody like Scarlett Johansson, somebody like that as an actress for the film."

2) Miley Cyrus:  No…just no.  It doesn't matter if Miley is Parton's goddaughter.

Ramona will lead a march to Dollywood and protest if Miley plays Dolly.  Does the image below scream Dolly Parton to you?


You can listen to Ramona's reaction below, as well as hear who she wants to play Dolly!