Wheezy Pulled A Prank On Ramona!

"My mom should stop shopping for my birthday gifts in the junior dept #PegBundy #NickiMinaj #HotMess #NoWayWheezy"

Don't let Ramona's mom Wheezy fool you...she's 74, but still a kid at heart.

Wheezy pulled a prank on Ramona by buying her a half shirt to wear.  Anyone who knows Ramona Holloway knows she's a prude; she was obviously horrified by the gift!

Ramona posted the picture online and everyone thinks she looks fantastic, but Ramona keeps saying "I look like a combination of Peg Bundy and Nicki Minaj in stretch pants and a half shirt!"

As Wheezy sits at home snickering at Ramona's flustered state, we ask this question: when did mom and/or dad prank the kids?  Tell us your story!