Photo Credit: Oran Viriyincy via Compfight cc

The Best & Worst Drivers In America

Photo Credit: Oran Viriyincy via Compfight cc

We can all agree that traffic is the worst.  Whether it's a 10-minute drive or an hour-long commute, you're bound to run into someone with questionable driving skills.

Allstate released its annual "Best Drivers Report," where it ranks the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. according to the average number of years in between accidents.  So where are the best and worst drivers in America?

Top 5 Safest Cities for Driving
1) Fort Collins, CO
2) Brownsville, TX
3) Boise, ID
4) Kansas City, KS
5) Huntsville AL

Top 5 Worst Cities for Driving
1) Worcester, MA
2) Boston, MA
3) Washington, DC
4) Springfield, MA
5) Providence, RI

And as a bonus, here's how the Carolina cities rank of this list from safest to most dangerous:

24) Cary, NC
41) Winston-Salem, NC
55) Greensboro, NC
75) Fayetteville, NC
101) Raleigh, NC
108) Durham, NC
127) Charlotte, NC
154) Columbia, SC