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One-Fifth Of Women Stalk Their Ex Using A FAKE Facebook Profile

Photo by PublicDomainPictures / CC0 1.0

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your ex is up to after a breakup?  Moving on can be hard to do, but some women get sneaky when it comes to checking up on their ex.

22% of women say they keep tabs on their ex using either a fake social media profile or someone else's, according to new research.  30% of women say they've openly remained "friends" with an ex on social media.

Psychologist Dr. Michael Sinclair says there's multiple reasons why someone would check up on their ex, but more often than not there's an ulterior motive.  "This can be an attempt to validate our own self-worth and possibly quench any feelings of failure, rejection or loneliness, as we often secretly hope to see how unhappy and lonely others are by comparison," Sinclair said.

"If this is the motivation, it often backfires and just makes us feel worse about ourselves."

19% of women say they've contacted their ex during a weak moment or while drunk; 48% say they've completely cut ties with an ex on social media, and have no desire to ever contact them again.


(H/T: The Daily Mail)